Change Log

This is where you can find a list of most of the changes I've made to the website! These changes are based on feedback I get from people and what I feel needs to be done better or simply isn't working. Hopefully everyone sees these as improvements!

Sunday, May 24th 2015

  • Added Submission System Back
  • Added Facebook Page Embed Back
  • Added Sidebar Back
  • Added Statistics Back
  • Removed Junk
  • Removed Reddit Button
  • Removed Pintrest
  • Removed Ajax Pagination
  • Even More Responsive
  • Backend Changes
  • Fixed Errors
Random Notes


Friday, October 10th 2014

  • Removed Favorites
  • Removed Ranks
  • Removed User System
  • Removed Night Mode (For Now)
  • Added Nav Links Back In
Random Notes


Sunday, August 18th 2013

  • Attempted to comply with responsive design - Site optimized for 1280 x 768 and up
  • Re-indexed the database - Removed a lot of junk from spam bots but also meant IDs were regenerated which forced me to change links from hey-look to omg-squee. Old links will still work but they will get a 301 redirect message!
  • Removed Twitter Button - This wasn't really used.
  • Removed Stumbleupon Button - This wasn't really used.
  • Removed Facebook Feed - Took up too much room.
  • Fixed Facebook Buttons - Apparently they've been broke this WHOLE time.
  • Fixed Backend Issues
  • Fixed Admin Panel Issues
  • Fixed Registration Page
  • Re-worked Upload/Submissions
  • Re-added tagging
  • Added Tag Search
  • Added New Camera Shy Image
  • Added Up/Down Vote Buttons
  • Added Favorite Button - To keep track of posts you like
  • Added Night Mode
Random Notes

Using jQuery probably would have made things sooooo much easier. Still a ton more work to do but so little time!

Tuesday, May 29th 2012

  • Redesigned Submission Roll - Added back in the description but only shown via click down instead of mouse-over
  • Redesigned Viewing Page - Wider is better!
  • Rewrote About OMGS Page
  • Removed Traces of Comment System
  • Removed Unused Social Buttons
  • Added Random Link - Pulls random submission.
  • Added Submitter Link - Allows you to pull all submissions by that person
  • Added Legal Link - I need to write this.
Random Notes

Website is maybe 50% overhauled! A lot of work still needs to be done to the submissions system, members panel and admin panel. I hope these changes make things "simpler" instead of more complicated. Also need to put in the print buying system.

Sunday, April 29th 2012

  • Added Facebook News Feed to Sidebar
  • Reworked Submissions/Uploads - Still Undergoing
  • Removed Aww Cute Reddit Button - This wasn't really used.
  • Removed Tumblr Button - This wasn't really used.
  • Removed Digg Button - This wasn't really used.
  • Removed Comments - This wasn't really used. Will probably replace it
  • Removed News & Blog - I am too busy to keep it up and using the Facebook wall was easier!
Random Notes

I need to organize myself better. Ideally I want to update daily and at a set time. I was thinking Sunday Squirrel Round-Ups would be every Sunday at 5AM CST.

Sunday, February 26th 2012

  • Added News & Blog Page
  • Added Social Buttons to Win Something pages
  • Changed design a bit
  • Changed the side bar to be wider
  • Changed the main images to be smaller
  • Changed the Facebook buttons in the view pages to the XFBML version
  • Changed a ton of things in the admin panel
  • Changed the "Winning" to Win Something and the way it works
  • Moved the logo from floating over things to be in the side bar
  • Moved the majority of links/embed codes to view page for each submission
  • Removed Facebook Video embed - No one was using it and it was creating a headache
  • Removed all the social links and description from the front page to make things load faster and make the pictures/videos more prominent
Random Notes

I'm unsure if the javascript that displays the title and info will work in mobile devices which means I'll eventually need to re-make the mobile version of the website! I should also get to making that RSS feed. I have most of it done but meh.

Thursday, January 19th 2012

  • Added Digg Button
  • Added r/Squirrels Reddit button
  • Added Pintrest Button
  • Added Tumblr Button
  • Re-designed Button Placement
  • Removed "shield" so photos/video can be scrapped easier
  • Switched YouTube Embed to Apple friendly!
  • Fixed a bug where pages left were miscalulated! Thank you ceil();!
  • Put a temporary fix for detecting onkeydown in FF9 which is broke but will be fixed in FF10.
Random Notes

As much as I hate Apple I'll probably need to seriously look at making things Apple happy. Sigh.

Wednesday, December 28th 2011

  • Added Stumble Upon button back
  • Added Reddit button
  • Added Large Size embed code
  • Added "Winning" GFX
  • Placed embed codes in pop-up box
  • Re-designed Bottom Bar
  • Re-designed Maintenance Page
Random Notes

Thanks to the people who helped fix the Facebook like confirmation fiasco! Hopefully I can increase activity on the website with my latest efforts!

Thursday, December 15th 2011

  • MAJOR over-haul of design to be more blog-like
  • Made it so each approved submissions DOES NOT automatically get tweeted
  • Moved facebook/twitter buttons back underneath each submission
  • Moved social links back from the top to the new side bar
  • Added new side bar that displays latest Flickr submissions, the latest Sunday Squirrel Round-Up top pick and ad space, will probably display more when I think it up.
  • Added the "Winning" page for giveaways/contests/ads etc.
  • Added the BBCode/HTML code boxes back in
  • Added a new "medium" size to fit the smaller front roll while the view pages maintain the large 900px wide image
  • Added a traditional registration page instead of the drop down lightbox crap
  • Changed the front roll significantly and added user avatars to each submission info
  • Changed the top navigation and removed the filter drop down
  • Changed the way submissions worked
  • Changed the submissions system's code to make it work better
  • Changed the URL for the viewing pages (which broke Facebook likes because I forgot to change the opengraph tags when testing them out, which means people have to CONFIRM their likes for now until Facebook deems I'm not some "Like Jacker" WTF, ugh)
  • Changed the way photos can be embedded externally
  • Removed Stumble Upon badge for each submission
  • Removed a lot of dumb code
  • Removed mobile website, for now. Will probably overhaul when I find time.
  • Removed info page and moved most of the stuff in there to the side bar
  • Updated About OMGS page
  • Updated the Admin page to actually be functional
Random Notes

I need to learn how to twitter more efficiently! Also hopefully Facebook figures out I'm not "ClickJacking", of course it wouldn't have happened if I had not changed the URLs for the view pages but I needed to make them more friendly!

Friday, November 4th 2011

  • Made this page
  • Made it so each approved submissions automatically get tweeted
  • Made a website down/construction landing page so I can do work without people seeing a broken website
  • Moved social links to the top navigation from the right hand side of the front roll
  • Changed the filter links to a filter drop down to accommodate the social links in the top navigation
  • Changed the way submissions worked instead of being in a drop down lightbox, it is now a page
  • Changed the submissions system to allow people to submit anonymously which will then be attributed to "Random Stranger"
  • Changed the Sunday Squirrel Submission/Top Picks to Top Flickr Submissions Sunday Squirrel Round-Up
  • Added the Facebook & Twitter buttons to the right hand side of each submission on the front roll
  • Added Stumble Upon badge for each submission
  • Added a favicon for the website
  • Moved the discuss/source/edit buttons to the right hand side menu
  • Stopped being lazy Fixed the code where users were forced to only upload .jpgs. Now all image types may be uploaded including transparent pngs.
  • Stopped being lazy Fixed the code where video submissions did not have Facebook like buttons
  • Stopped being lazy Fixed the CSS of the top navigation which made the mini-info bar push down the page elements and was too small to display info.
Random Notes